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ABC Communications has been in the cable industry for over 20 years.
We have technicians and other employees with over five, ten, fifteen and twenty years of experience.

The company is licensed and insured. We also provide our own tools and Vehicles (including bucket trucks). 

We have been sub contractors and have worked with companies such as Cypress Communications, NexLink, Front Line, CCD, Comcast, I.T.G. and M-Status.

Here are a few areas we specialize in.

1. Pre wiring
2. Post wiring
3. Arial Maintenance and Repair
4. Cable, phone and Internet installations   (residential and commercial)
5. Bury drops
6. Molding Build MDU construction.
7.Wall fish outlets
8.Drive way bore
9.Pedestal Replace and Repair
10 Disconnection and Equipment retrievals/ Audit Houses for illegal cable.

We also provide the best in digital Surveillance Systems, Wired or Wireless Cameras, Professional Installation Service.